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Our hours of operation are 8am – 5pm, M-F. Messages can be left 24/7 on our after hours messaging center as well as submitted through our web site.

Battery Boys provides honest, prompt and professional golf cart repair services to The Villages and surrounding communities by combining quality products and competent service technicians with clear, concise communication and integrity at all times. For more details, choose from the right hand menu of products and services that we offer.

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  • Battery Boys is an authorized Trojan Battery Distributor/Dealer.
  • We are the experts on your golf cart battery needs providing prompt, professional services to our local residents.
  • We come to your house or place of business within The Villages and nearby communities to install new batteries, repair your golf cart, and safely dispose of any old batteries.

NOTE: All Battery Boys Service Professionals drive Battery Boys identified vehicles. Plus, they wear Battery Boys uniforms with their names thus assuring that you have genuine Battery Boys servicing your cart.


Don’t ruin your golf cart batteries by letting them sit not being charged while you go away for months.  Don’t come back to The Villages and find your golf cart batteries dead!  Now you can maintain that battery charge when you’re gone by plugging in the newest technology “Save-A-Battery” trickle charger-maintainer and conditioner.  We have 36 volt and 48 volt in stock.  Just plug it in to your golf cart when you leave and when you return, your batteries will be fresh like you left them.

And we now also have the latest “Battery MINDer” trickle charger/maintainer/desulfator’s.  A BatteryMINDer is an all-in-one unit designed to be plugged-in continuously to keep your batteries fresh and reduce or eliminate lead plate sulfation, the number one killer of batteries. Don’t leave your expensive batteries unattended when you go back home for months and then return to The Villages to find sulfated dead batteries!  In addition we stock “BatteryMINDer desulfator’s” without the built in charger-maintainer.  And it only works when your charger is in operation so it won’t draw down your batteries like other brands of desulfators!

Our Specialty is Golf Cart Batteries

Convert your club car precedent four 12 volt system to six 8 volt batteries. Go more mile and extend batter life. We replace the battery tray, battery cables, hold down supports, the on board computer and add all brand new six 8 volt Trojan Batteries. T-875 and T-890 Batteries are in Stock.

We install batteries in Gem cars. We also stock and sell custom wheels and tires: Duro, ITP, Kenda, Wanda, Axcel, Greenball, Carlisle and more.

Want a faster cart?

For Club Car IQ and Precedent owners, we now stock SPEEDYLINK Modules to speed your cart up to 20 MPH Plus. If your IQ or Precedent only goes about 15 mph now, this will bring your speed up to about 20 – 21 mph. We will install at your residence for only $139.95 plus tax.

Need a new battery charger?

These are the latest technology with automatic 5 stage algorithm controlled chargers Programmable and intelligent chargers by Diversified Power International Procharger and Delta-q.

Single Point Battery Fill Systems by Trojan and BWT

Club Car Aluminum Battery Tray Repair

36/48 Volt to 12 Volt 25 AMP Voltage Reducers

Utilizes all your batteries to run your 12 volt accessories to extend battery life. Most carts use only two batteries, thus depleting their life cycle.

We have used batteries too.