Effects of temperature

Temperature effects on battery performance

Temperature has a direct effect on the life of a battery.  The design life of the battery is based on an average annual temperature of 77-degrees F.  As the temperature increases above 77-degrees F, the ability of the battery to hold greater current is increased, but, the life of the battery decreases.

For example, if a battery’s design life is 10 years at 77-degrees F, but the annual average battery temperature is 95-degrees F, the life of the battery will be only 5-years, a 50% decrease.

Maximum annual average
battery temperature (degrees F)
Percent reduction in battery life
77 0%
86 30%
95 50%
104 66%
113 75%
122 83%

Since nobody can control the weather, what can one do to help lessen the effects of  temperature on battery life?  First, storing the cart out of direct sunlight reduces the average temperature of the battery.  Second, regulating the output voltage of the charger to ensure against over or under charging your batteries over a wide range of temperatures also helps.  This is especially true for batteries stored over long periods in hot weather.

Using a battery charger/maintainer or a charger/maintainer/desulfator (trickle charger) over these storage periods, especially one which has an At-The-Battery Temperature sensor will regulate the charging voltage based on the actual temperature of the battery.  A great help to improving overall battery life.