Battery backup system

Relion Outlaw 1072s portable power station

This battery backup system offered through our lithium battery supplier, Relion, is light weight and easily stored in a closet or RV that can be used as alternative power or emergency backup power.

For anyone wanting to be prepared for hurricane season or just when one of the afternoon storms rolls in, you can be prepared with emergency power to run critical appliances, recharge your phone, power on some lights, etc. This is not just for emergencies. With it being so light weight, it’s perfect to store in your RV or boat as an alternative power source.

The Relion Outlaw 1072s has long life and lasts over 2000 charge cycles. Made up of Lithium Iron Phosphate which is extremely stable. It has a 72Ah capacity, charges on a regular household wall outlet and comes with an expansion plug for extra items.

Cost is $939.00 plus tax.