Our specialty is offering only new, fresh-from-the-factory golf cart batteries whether your cart is battery or gas powered. We take pride in being an Authorized Trojan Dealer and have access to all their batteries to meet your vehicle needs.

Battery Boys knows that having good batteries to choose from is not enough. Consumers in The Villages and surrounding area are especially looking for:

  1. Professional installation,
  2. Excellent references for service and support, and
  3. competitive prices.

Battery Boys has all three:

First, we provide the following for all battery installations.

  • We remove your old batteries, cables, hold down rods and supports, wash them as well as your battery compartment to remove residual acid
  • We use powered-wire brushes to clean every battery cable, accessory wire, terminals and hold down rod
  • We inspect all battery compartment components and wires and make recommendations to the owner to repair or replace any defects found
  • We also offer an optional “Lifetime Corrosion Prevention Package” for “Peak Performance Plus Peace Of Mind”
  • We test drive your cart and ensure that your charger is working correctly with your new batteries
  • We do this all at your home or place of business at no extra charge (within a 25 mile radius of our shop – those just over that range may incur an out of area service fee).
  • All Battery Boys Service Professionals drive Battery Boys identified vehicles. Plus, they wear Battery Boys uniforms thus assuring that you have genuine Battery Boys servicing your cart.

Second, we have excellent service and support references within The Villages and surrounding area.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a few minutes to view the many “Customer Comments” on this website to read what The Villagers say about Battery Boys.

Third, we have very competitive prices.

Want to know how much batteries would cost for your cart? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Determine what type of battery you have in your cart. Click on the links below to see a photo of each battery type. The difference can be seen by the number of holes in the top of the battery.
  2. Next, look in your golf cart battery compartment and count the number of batteries in your cart.
  3. Finally, below you will find our prices for the battery voltage-type and quantity for your installation.

Note: All prices for sets of batteries include installation; State of Florida 7% sales tax; $1.50/battery disposal fee; and return of your old batteries.

Our hours of operation are 8am – 5pm, M-F. Messages can be left 24/7 on our after hours messaging center as well as submitted through our web site.

Warranty periods:

    • Trojan T-605, P-8000, and T-1260-Plus Series, and all Brute Force batteries have a 12-month non-prorated warranty.
    • All other Trojan T-Series and Ranger-Series batteries have a 24-month non-prorated warranty.
    • US 2000, US 125, US 8VGC, and US 12VRX batteries have a 24-month warranty.

Things that are covered by warranty:

  • Manufacturers defects
  • Installation error

Things not covered by warranty:

  • Burnt posts
  • Excess corrosion
  • Dry cells
  • Loose battery cables
  • Non-secured hold-downs
  • Faulty chargers
  • Improper accessory installation and loads

6-volt – prices include taxes and fees

Battery type Rating Warranty Qty 1 Qty 6 Qty 8
Trojan T-605 105min/75amps 210Ah 12 month $130.01 $780.03 $1,040.04
Trojan T-105 115min/75amps 225Ah 24 month $145.52 $873.12 $1,164.16
Trojan T-125 132min/75amps 240Ah 24 month $170.67 $1,023.99 $1,365.32
Trojan T-145 145min/75amps 260Ah 24 month $214.54 $1,287.21 $1,716.28
Brute Force 6v-2000 105min/75amps 175Ah 12 month $111.82 $670.89 $894.52
US 2000 114min/75amps 216Ah 24 month $127.87 $767.19 $1,022.92
US 125 132min/75amps 240Ah 24 month $170.67 $1,023.99 $1,365.32

8-volt – prices include taxes and fees

Battery type Rating Warranty Qty 1 Qty 6
Trojan P-8000 110min/56amps 135Ah 12 month $149.80 $898.80
Trojan T-875 117min/56amps 170Ah 24 month $160.50 $963.00
Trojan T-890 132min/56amps 190Ah 24 month $188.86 $1,133.13
Trojan Ranger 160min/56amps 204Ah 24 month $214.54 $1,287.21
Brute Force 8V-HDC 110min/56amps 135Ah 12 month $141.78 $850.65
US 8VGC 118min/56amps 170Ah 24 month $156.76 $940.53
  • Ranger-Series provide 35% more distance on a single charge compared to the Trojan T-875.

12-volt – prices include taxes and fees

Battery type Rating Warranty Qty 1 Qty 4
T-1260-Plus 90min/56amps 140Ah 12 month $220.96 $883.82
Trojan T-1275 or T-1275 Plus 102min/56amps 150Ah 24 month $240.75 $963.00
US 12VRX 110min/56amps 155Ah 24 month $228.45 $913.78

Battery Boys also offers the following batteries:

  • Gas Engine Battery Boys 12-volt starter batteries.
  • GEM Car batteries including Deka Dominator Gel, Trojan SCS-225, or Trojan T-1275 Plus.

Finally, Battery Boys offers more than just batteries. Having 14+ years of combined battery experience, plus the tools, Battery Boys can work with you to determine if your batteries need replacing or, there is another problem causing your battery problems.

For instance, Battery Boys can work with you to provide temperature compensated hydrometer testing, voltage testing on one or all of your batteries, and even a capacity discharge test. We may find that you do not need new batteries, but, that your problem lies elsewhere. And we have the parts and repair services to repair these components, such as your charger may need repair.

But, if you do indeed need new batteries, Battery Boys provides the highest quality replacement service in The Villages.