What the Villagers are saying about Battery Boys

The following are excerpts from comments on “Talk Of The Villages” and letters to Battery Boys.

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Dear Brad, I thought I had better write my thank you thoughts, while they are still fresh in my mind. I have been sitting here in awe at the kindness shown to me by you and your firm. I don’t think I have been so down and out in my almost 81 years. I’m not crying the blues, I am just so upset by that things are so bad since my husband passed and now its just my pension to live on and then God proved to me there are good people in this world. Brad, God will belss you for your kindness. I will certainly tell all my friends and neighbors, especially those with golf carts. God bless you and your family.

– M.

I just wanted to say what a wonderful job Ryan did replacing my batteries!

– H.

I wanted to praise Neal for the fantastic job he did installing my batteries.  I will tell my friends to use Battery Boys!

– F.

I called to thank Neal for his honesty, kindness and great job on my battery job. I will highly recommend you.

– A.

Ryan did a fantastic job installing my batteries.

– B.

Thank you, Ryan, for the great job replacing my batteries, I will recommend Battery Boys to others.

– B.

I wanted to thank Jordan for his kindness, knowledge and great advice concerning my cart.

– I.

Ryan, thank you for the great service on my cart!

– S.

Ryan did an excellent job installing my batteries.

– R.

Jordan did an excellent job on my battery installation.

– S.

Ryan did a wonderful job on my cart. He was so kind and professional.

– G.

Ryan was knowledgeable and did great work on my cart.


Sean did an outstanding job on my cart.

– M.J.

Sean did an excellent job and was both professional and knowledgeable.

– M.S.

Ryan and Bo did very professional and knowledgeable on my cart.

– Y.C.

Ryan was extremely knowledgeable, a gentleman and gave good advice.

– D.D.

Ryan did a professional and thorough job on my cart.

– R.F.

Ryan did a fantastic job installing my batteries.

– A.M.

Jordan had great knowledge, kindness and professionalism.

– R.W.

Mike’s technical knowledge and kindness were great.

– J.T.

Sean did a job well done! He was both professional and kind.

– W.B.

Ryan was a fine young man and did a fantastic job installing batteries.

– M.S.

Ryan’s technical knowledge and courtesy was great. I will recommend Battery Boys to others.

– M.M.

Ryan was very professional and Battery Boys was honest.

– P.R.

Ryan did a great job on my cart.

– J.R.

Brad and Ryan provided great customer services.

– W.S.

Ryan did a great job and had a kind and caring attitude.

– S.N.

Ryan had a professional attitude and provided great service.

– D.B. and N.H.

Ryan’s performance and character were great.

– T.R.

I am writing to let you know how very pleased we are with the services from Ryan. He was prompt, polite and very professional. He took extra time to explain the work he was doing and gave us a bit of “education.” You should be pleased to have him as an employee and know what an asset he is to your staff.

– R.P.

I only used them for a recent install of my 8 T105s. I say only as it is hardly rocket science, but from interacting with Brad to the meticulous job the tech Jarrod did was just as advertised, excellent.

All thumbs-up from me. I can see where they get such a great reputation.

I talked to Brad and he arranged to have someone come out to replace our batteries. The young man he sent was professional and very helpful. My wife and I were impressed!

And, best of all, he was on time, quick to do the job, and even though we required two cables we hadn’t expected, the price was less than we’d anticipated.

This is a great company!

Everyone I have ever asked, has used The Battery Boys. I thought this must be common knowledge, like Coca Cola, Kleenex, Thermos, Xerox…Battery Boys, you get the idea.

Battery Boys are the most honest people I know of and they give great service. Battery Boys will come to your house and take care of everything. After meeting these guys and having something done by them, I don’t shop for price anymore. I honestly don’t think that few dollars I might save by going elsewhere would be worth it.

Ok so now I’m hooked on Batteryboys thanks to your wonderful and a very professional man named Nathan. He is an asset to your business. I had just moved to the Villages a month ago and he made me feel like I knew him all my life. It’s still shocking to know all the work he did on my golf cart. I take my hat off to him….

– Retired S.W.A.T driver who knows a good man when I see one. Thank you, Nathan. Josie Chabert

I just had my new batteries installed by Nathan who did a fantastic and professional job, plus he educated me on the batteries. Thank you very much and I will recommend Battery Boys to everyone.

They were prompt, professional, polite and took a lot of pride in changing batteries in our golf cart….If you want a first class job and reasonable price, complete cleaning of cables and mountings, and removal of old batteries….And not only that he was a GREAT guy…..Two thumbs up!..Way up

Just wanted to say Great Job. Very pleasant, professional and very neat. New batteries, great job and answered my questions completely.

Glad our friend Bob told us to call you.

Would recommend Battery Boys

– Noella Pepin, The Villages, FL

Another shout out for Battery Boys.

They’re the reason we can go from end to end of the Villages and back again and still have charge left over. They rewired so lights and turning signal come from all batteries so one battery won’t wear out faster. They also put a sealer on all the terminals.

Yup, they have a friendly, caring attitude for sure.

– Barefoot At Last. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Neighbor had them over. Wonderful job cleaning up the area and installing the batteries. Neat and clean!

Thank you for the quick response. You guys get all the kudos for really great work and service. I have asked four different people and they have all recommended you.

My husband said that you called and that you will be coming in the morning tomorrow, Friday. I am soooooo happy.

– Patsy R.

We just bought new 8-V Trojan T-875s from Battery Boys. My husband was very impressed with their service.

BatteryBoys – excellent service, and a good price on a 48v BatteryMINDer

Used Battery Boys a couple of months ago, excellent service.

Battery Boys ..used them 6 months ago to replace Trojan 875 battery’s. Best prices and they showed up when scheduled and all is well. Recommend -YES.

Exactly my experience and sentiments. I am a former New Yorker always skeptical and leery of being ‘taken.’ What a refreshing experience it is to deal with solid, honest people. From the initial phone call to Brad right through the repair and installation of the new batteries in our EZ-GO by Nathan – this is a class act. The price was very fair, the job clean and swift.

TOTV’ers have once again steered me into a gratifying contractor experience. Thanks to all!

Second for Battery Boys!!

I third that!

I second (or third) the motion!! great guys, great service, great prices on Trojan batteries!!

Battery Boys, in my opinion, only way to go. Their service and product are excellent. When they are done you really feel you chose the right battery and installer.

We used them and thought they were excellent.

– Syracuse, NY (last 30+ yrs) TV (next 30+ yrs)

Needed Batteries for the cart (6 – 8v) and had Battery Boys do the work. They came out next morning took the cart down on the street, put down protective covering under the cart and went to work. They thoroughly cleaned the battery trays, replaced cables, cleaned connections and replaced an end on another wire that was ready to break. They spent a good two hours in the hot sun, did a fantastic job and cleaned up everything.

Always willing to answer questions about the cart and electrical systems too.

Highly recommend their work.

The Battery Boys came to my house right when they said they would. They installed new batteries, cleaned the battery compartment and gave me just good old fashioned service. I would highly recommend them to anyone.